Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tuesday suffering II.

After some major peer pressure (1), I signed up for a course of Japanese. It was being delayed for three months or so but last week, it finally started. The last week's class was horrid, I've indeed seen a room full of arseholes, I've assisted at lectures for basic school teachers, so I wasn't shocked. After wondering whether I'm not wrong, after all, these are university students so supposedly, their IQ count should exceed the count of their teeth, I still came to a conclusion that apart from the professor who seemed just fine and yours truly, the room was full of idiots.
I also used up a whole entire post-it (2) for jotting down substantial information.

On Sunday, I think, I had a short series of nightmares.
One was happening in Moscow, which was horrible (3), and with my mom.
The other was about not submitting a paper, inventing excuses, promising it the next day and writing it overnight, although I don't remember clearly whether I managed.
The third nightmarish story was about one idiot from the course being run over by tram (or possibly metro) - the horror being those 17 surviving.

Since at least two of the attendance mentioned taking the same course another time, there was a certain hope. I prayed with the fervour seen almost exclusively only at atheists that whatever the deity is responsible, may pretty please do something. Today, there were six people, if I counted right, absent. Well, one was reduced to a greasy spot in my dream and I don't want to find out where the others ended up, they might wake up and come back.
The whole thing was ridiculous. Admittedly, I used two and half post-its (4) for substantial notes and just a minor amount of doodles but the amount of studip I had to witness was unbearable. I made notes on what was going on - to keep me distracted because one can do only a certain amount of biting one's nails, staring in the wall or just trying to make my head explode with sheer power of will. And, I think, I have decent material for a cartoon strip.
I made notes today, on what was going on in the class: 20min - generalized studip talk about how Climacteric Maiden spotted some Japanese tourists downtown (5), how Course Nerd couldn’t sleep, eager for the next class etc. Two minutes - professor saying something substantial, BoI (6) starts quarreling about something along the lines where they’ve been, how to say, dunno, Faeroe Islands in Japanese, professor needs to look up wtf Faeroe Islands are. I watch the clouds drift by and I want to drift with them. To Finland, for some reason. Two more minutes of something substantial. Climacteric Maiden makes oh-so-funny remark. Fat Girl Who Knows Everything makes another oh-so-funny remark, both giggle, their friends giggle. I wonder whether I could kill myself with a penknife because I don’t deserve this. Professor rants… well, why not, at least she’s not giggling. Professor kicks into some cabling and sets off the alarm. I hope for SWAT storming in to check who’s stealing some precious equipment but the alarm shuts up and nothing happens. Professor mentions that Japanese can be written horizontally or vertically, as one pleases. BoI discuss and giggle. To demonstrate her point, professor tosses out some printed matter for us to see. BoI discusses. BoI discovers that even in Japanese, different fonts exist and they proceed to discuss this discovery, saying things like Gee, this looks different. I watch the clouds drift. I think about the ball of qiviut/merino in my bag and the wonderful sweater I started in the morning. The idea about knitting up the guts of BoI comes to being and entertains me for a while. Professor says a few substantial points, in the following hour and half, people ask and re-ask and ask again like And, there’s, like, no difference between masculine and feminine forms, like, in Italian, there’s professore and professoressa for male and female professor? professor says Nope. Idiot, the same or another, asks And how do I know whether it’s him or her? Slight variations appear, e.g. This word may mean A or B, idiot asks And how do I know? Lather, rinse, repeat once every minute. I want to write Context, arsehole, on the wall, with arsehole’s blood but I rather watch the clouds drift, wish I could drift to Finland with them and I knit pink garters (7) in my thoughts. Class ends, I run away.

I went downtown, bought me a book on Meditteranean flora and some chocolates and since them, I'm whining on the internetz and playing with my beautiful yarn. Reassuring.

(1) "Damn, don't be like us idiots with no schools and social phobia we can't overcome as you do and now you go," alternatively, in case of Joey, "Damn, go, learn that and then you'll teach me."
(2) 7.5 x 7.5 cm
(3) Moscow in that dream was horrible, otherwise I'm not informed on the state of te city, I was there the last time in 1987.
(4) see note 2
(5) They need not be spotted. They just are. So what?
(6) read Bunch of Idiots
(7) from the guts of BoI, obviously. And yes, there is indeed an allusion to Nanny Ogg and her rapports to Nac Mac Feegles.

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