Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I profumi di Firenze

I profumi was on my list of places to check for quite some time. The pharmacy that produces and sells the brand is located just off the Signoria, very downtown, so when I needed to go to the post office today, I allowed myself a digression. To be correct, someone on perfumistas' forum asked about the brand so I kicked my lazy arse and went to check. Since I had already read stories of enchantment in the internetz, I expected a Something.
Being pre-influenced by the stories, I generously splashed some of Spezie de' Medici directly on my hand. Idiot – since the Vivara Silver Edition disaster, I was vary, only twice I let an unknown fragrance directly on my paw and twice I regretted. While Escale a Portofino just wanted to peel off my retinas, Spezie stank like an itinerant bordello. I'm afraid I cannot supply a detailed information on the notes, at the beginning, it reminded me of one cheap chewing gum of my childhood but then I was done with. I must admit that all the five or six fragrances I tried had very aggressive start which totally scared me.
Mirto imperiale (imperial myrtle)Well, myrtle with its sweet and somewhat minty scent, now, some time later, it turned soapy. Very aggressive start, very aggressive soap at the end - I believe that more diluted, it would make a nice cologne.
Caterina de' Medici – An attack of something sweet and spicy that made me want to run, thinking that if the folks back then survived this type of scent, then they probably survived anything. Later on, it remains very strong but not killing-strog and changes to fruity-floral, or to peach and rose, to be exact. (If my nasal mucose can discern something today yet.)
Cuoio di Russia – extremely resiny at the beginning, settled down to rather pleasant leathery smell with prominent soapy tone.
Iris di Firenze - I must admit that by then, I probably wouldn't smell anything at all but the beginning seemed very unimpressive to me. Well, bland iris water. To my surprise, the sillage is magnificent... sheer nougat.
Acqua di Firenze - light floral with lilac or wisteria or something like that and I suspect I smell a bit of cucumber.
I admit that my first impression was Holy shit, what can anyone like on this stuff?, I spat on my hand - when spit is good for cats, why not for me, I thought, and then I thought that I was a major arsehole for not carrying around some of those wet disinfectant tissues - and tried to rub the aggressive Spezie of my hand and then went to Chanel to make my day (next time about that one).

Summed up: I'll be back. I said Iris and nougat with Olga within earshot (metaphorically ) and she wants. And, I need to give the stuff a second thought and maybe Helg will want something, too, since she heard the stories too.

And now back to culture and stuff.

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