Sunday, 14 March 2010

Belated happy birthday

Some two days ago, I finally finished the shawl I made for Laura's birthday. Which was some time ago. Well, now it sits neatly packed on the chair next to me and I'll take it to the post office tomorrow.

The pattern got a bit wild at the end but upon discussing it at Ravelry, I was told to name it Theory of Chaos and ignore the inner itch to rip the last half metre and do it better.
This is what I like about knitting. You take a string and you make it into a fabric. Having an idea regarding the sort of fabric is nice but I don't have to stick to it - I can change colours, materials, textures, patterns on a whim. Which is what I do pretty often so working on an item often involves lots of ripping back.
I've been knitting a lot this week. Finished a sock and I'm halfway through the other one (and socks take time), finished Laura's shawl (could be 1/4 of the whole thing) and advanced quite a bit with the Ravelympics sweater - that's the last picture. It should be in theory made while watching the Olympics but I didn't watch too much, I was writing my ass off. I should be doing that even now but the antidepressants still make weird things to me while they still don't work as they should. Coordination is tough tomorrow today I fell on the stairs and got two bruises on each of my shins, yesterday I had to run away from the gym because not only my extremities were shaky, my stomach joined, too, and I was on the verge of throwing up. And, as apparent, I still don't think too well so I'm sticking to easy tasks. No math, no perfume decanting (shaky hands, need to read labels), no translating from Latin. Also, no perfume blogging, due to faulty wiring, my smell plays nasty tricks.
However, while not able to do some intellectual work, I cleaned my table and Jesus, Buddha and Elvis know that it was needed at least since I spilled the stuff that should treat my rash (and peeled off the skin on my fingers instead); salicylic acid made neat layer of shiny crystals at the far right end of the table but it wasn't too convenient. I also dug up some interesting yarns and planned a few upcoming pieces of knitwear - as much as I can plan anything in this field. And... I knitted. Knitters agree that there's something meditative about it, or, as the maxim goes, I knit to keep my hands busy or else I'd strangle people.

I love this sweater. I didn't trust the colours and I still somehow don't really trust the yarn, it's heavyweight and most likely it will sag making the sweater too long. It's going to be fixable by hemming it in, should it be the case. The cerulean and yellow strip is already ripped, I decided to place it in the middle of the front part.

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