Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Pain in the arse

Once again, I got depressed. Which should explain my lack of witticisms lately. I'm tired like hell, tired like let me fall in the curb and die there because I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and I can't anymore. I have attention span of a kitten - if you talk to me, use short sentences and talk slowly, please. Reading is fine but slow, though. And, also, the textbook symptoms: feelings of guilt and in... un... being useless.
Around a week ago, when I was too tired to coordinate my legs while walking, I decided that it was doctor time, fixed an appointment, got a script and went to pick my antidepressants. So far so good.

The funny thing is that what kicks in first are the side effects. I also started feeling much better the very first day and thought it the placebo effect but upon reading the insert, among the side effects listed was also happy mood. I haz it. Along with trembling hands, general lack of coordination and no feeling of thirst. So, I'm tired, uncoordinated dumbass in a damn jolly mood.

I discovered that it's only that happy mood, not actual brain complex brain work that reacts with feeling happy to that sun outside. I needed to discuss my paper with the professor and my major participation to the conversation was staring blankly.

At least I can knit passably.


  1. Wow! Grazie. I'm impressed and looking forward to it. and chaos it's a familiar thing to me... Cari saluti, Laura

  2. oops, I wanted to post this comment to an other blog entry...