Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A bit of introspection

I spent some time going through old posts and old comments - maybe I'd better get a filing folder and keep printouts of my blog posts because sometimes I seem to lose track. The thing will be pondered upon, I don't have a printer at hand anyway.

For some time, I kept thinking where the blog is going. Like, what is it about. I discovered that it's going nowhere in the sense of having no definite purpose of existence, and that it's about random stuff that catches my attention (1). Guessing from the comments, most of the readers seem to be caught by the perfume stuff which means that I should advertise the blog among knitters and gardeners and whoever else, or that only the perfume rants are worth commenting. Now, do I toss knitting and random book comments and what else is there? Or my blurbs along the lines of I have a new sweater and it rocks are studip, I wonder? Should I add kitten pictures because everybody likes kittens? Should I start reviewing chocolates or wine (2)? Should I throw in another totally unrelated theme? Should I get another drink? And, where does one buy prefabricated answers to any question by dozen?

I think I need another drink.

I started saving yoghurt cups. I saw lots of interesting flora in the curbs and I plan to enrich my garden. Just sayin'.

(1) such things don't necessarily need to be shiny but it helps
(2) which is another can of worms. I've wandered into the deepest cellars where mom insisted spare flowerpots should be hiding. There were no spare flowerpots, just some planks to be used for a fence which might be slowly succumbing to dry rot over the ages, and in a rather dark corner, my small and not particularly exquisite shelf of wine. The question is, do I drink them, do I keep them, do I keep only the reserve ones and drink the rest?


  1. I enjoy the perfume posts definitely, but I enjoy reading your other posts, too. You have a wonderful sense of humor and a truly delightful way of writing about your life. Personally, I'd like you to keep posting about whatever inspires you to do so.

    And hey, I actually finished a knitting project today. Only a scarf, but still - woo hoo!

  2. Hi Viviana, nice to see you commenting.

    Congrats on the finished scarf, I suffered a major bout of startitis so finishing something is not expected any day soon here... but there'll be pics of things in progress, promise. And plants.