Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Don't mistake for arthritis which is sick joints. Startitis is when one starts way too many things at once. So:

Green sweater for Olga, a part of my personal challenge filed as Get rid of old yarns.

Blue-grey sweater for me.

I wanted to knit a shawl, sometimes I get cold shoulders when messing around the house in a tank top while it's too cold for a sweater. I got only three skeins of yarn on Friday and today I hurried to get the two remaining from the LYS because I rethought the whole thing over the weekend.
Then there are the two other sweaters on the needles. I ordered two more skeins of the brownish-pink yarn so I'll be able to finish this one in a reasonable timespan and have it ready half a year before the right season, i. e. winter.

There's something extremely satisfying about yarns being knitted up. I have a stash of doom and making things brings it a reason to exist.

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