Saturday, 14 February 2009

Continuous mis-achievments

The plans for today were these:
0730: wake up and work out
0900: clean the place so that I wouldn't stick to the floor. Can be done before working out
0930: have a shower, use the opportunity to wash the towel (1)
1000: write blog entries, photoshop pics and such
1100: mail should arrive (2)
1130: go to school to upload stuff and borrow books
1200: walk around, buy rice and white wine for risotto, go to Vodafone to deal with whatever my happened to my connection; sniff Coco to see whether it's similar to Kypre; buy a silione form for chocolate and booze-soaked-dry-fruit things
1400 back home, dye yarn, make the chocolate things for Riohnna, read my ass off until I fall asleep.

The reality:
0917: got up
0950: did indeed wash the floor, it didn't become any less dusty overnight.
1020: set the yarn to boil in dye
1025: went to do the writing, photoshopping and such
1157: left the house
1159: met the landlord who again explained me that the people who mail me things should write the address correctly.
1215: found out that in February, school buildings are closed on Saturdays. Went sort of shopping instead. Chatted up a perfume lady in a department store, got a sample of something new by Givenchy, tried to squeeze Ysatis Iris from her, they didn't have it in the store.
1508: on the way back I found out that I forgot to buy rice and the grocery closes at two.
1627: after having rinsed yarn, made pea soup instead of risotto and having put the first chocolate thing to the fridge. Not in a silicone baking form but in an espresso cup lined with chocolate wrapper. The aluminium foil, I mean.

There is still plenty of time to do some working out, I have other stuff to read and a shower doesn't také that long

And no, Coco doesn't smell like Kypre but I'm pretty sure the sample of Coco I have back at Home II. does smell like Kypre. They must've reformulated it in the last 15 years or it matures like like wine.

(1) The washing machine works but I'm not able to employ the right sort of magic on a regular basis. Handwashing is easier.
(2) see yesterday's post

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