Saturday, 14 February 2009


Some time ago, I got hold of Kypre. The one by Lancome, launched in 1935, in what seems to be the 1930's box and bottle.

Now, the most legendary and most wanted perfume in the internetz is Djedi by Guerlain. I want it too, I read about the re-release and decided that I needed it. It was in 2000-ish and I didn't know that it was something limited so I hesitated. Now it's late, I read on some real perfumista's blog that the last time it was spotted out in the wild was the time when the bottle was sold for over 1000 euros on eBay.

Kypre is indeed mentioned in places. Usually there's the line that 'in 1935, Lancome launched their first five fragrances...' and nothing more. I browsed the perfume blogs and places and nobody ever mentions having it, wanting it, being interested in it. Which leads me to the conclusion that if it exist, then it exists in some parts of the world which use different alphabets than I'm able to read or that I have the last bottle in the world. Should the latter be true, then I must say I feel weird.
I should get a hold of some Coco by Chanel, it seems rather similar but my Coco is left in another country. I have a bit of cold so the olfactory impressions will come someday later. And I'll try to find the darn Coco.

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  1. I have today unearthed a bottle of Tresor in the same bottle and in a very similar box which has been in the original wrapping paper and box for xxx amount of years. anyone have any info