Saturday, 14 February 2009

Little unimportant things

The reason I visited a profumeria yesterday was that I found Anisia Bella for cheap on eBay and since I have a weak spot for the whole Aqua Allegoria line, I wanted to check whether I liked it. Just to clarify, weak spot doesn't mean that I like them all. I didn't have much time so I dropped to the one on the way and when I was there, I did a bit of sniffing. I heard that the whole Fendi perfume line is to be disconnected so I had the job of checking Palazzo, in case it was worth it.Palazzo shoud be a fruity oriental but first it smelled of soap, later on, it became closer to the washing powder I use (Persil something, should anyone be interested, I'll check next time when I'm in the bathroom). I should get me a sample and give it a longer thorough testing.Of the Aqua Allegoria line, I checked three, Figue-iris: at the beginning I was not able to identify neither irises nor figs. The drydown is violets – or the orris root in fact and something citrusy. At least something stayed on the strip of paper. Mandarine-basilic is orange hard candy. Something like this existed when I was a child, the candies were bright synthetic orange, tasted bright orange and were a bit sticky. A nice happy summery scent, with no trace of basil I'd be able to identify and too sugary for me. Laurier-Reglisse contains something so artificial that it makes my eyes water, slippery like polished plastic (Yes, I have very wild visual imagination). I was hanging around with my handful of paper strips to dry and in order to look busy and not breathing their air in vain, I tried the Kenzo Oriental. The one with black poppy. I had already fallen in love with last year's Christmas or End-of-year or Whatever-they-celebrate line of Sephora, Luxe Noir. It smells nice: cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and probably some synthetic amber. Now, Black poppy is pretty much similar. I wanted to buy it on the spot but my greedy self woke up and started kicking the inside of my head so I went to check the internetz first. Well, mail-ordered it from some place where it cost 20 euros less, postage included. Poor Olga, who serves as my postal hub for whatever comes from the U.S. and parts of Europe closer to her than to me. But, I'll bring her a suitcase of things from Italy.

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