Saturday, 7 February 2009

Don't let your inabilities limit your deeds

I've hopefully recovered from the winter depression.

I never noticeably suffered from SAD before. Of course,I might have felt lousy during dreary late winter days but this season, I was really useless in the depressed way. Unable to do anything, sleeping badly and for long, being tired. The social phobia took rein and I was in hiding.

A few months ago, I was sort of offered to write an ESL textbook. English as a Second Language... tee hee, I know the lingo already. (1) I gave it a few thoughts and pushed it aside to go back to my pondering about nothing and staring in the wall or what the hell I was doing. Two weeks ago, I was told that the guys from work started already working on it but that I'm the wanted main author because the guys at work don't really know English and when will I be free to come and discuss the stuff?

The answer was Tomorrow or June. The boss gasped a bit but that was it, I went to buy whatever I promised to people, got a ticket for The Reservation and off I went.

On Monday, Julian mailed me that some darn valve broke and it needed to be fixed... and the whole week, I didn't manage to go to the insurance office to throw the papers at them. Well, I went but they were already closed and they didn't have their working hours posted – the note on the door said only Lunchbreak 1230 – 1330. Well, lunching is important.

I wrote some ten units of 18 in the future textbook, did some arguing with the boss and then just gave in because I'm momentarily drained... and mumbling silly nursery rhymes. I'm taking a break until I get

the illustrations, then I'll probably do some violent proofreading and create a totally different mess but meantime I'd better concentrate on the paper I need to write in Swedish and other exams.


(1) No, I don't have any teaching degree. Neither have I actually studied English. Nobody seems to really care.

(1) No, I don't have any teaching degree. Neither have I actually studied English.

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