Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Arno is full....

... we can drown the tourists. They will stay underwater if the ancient traditional technique of 'cement shoes' is used, i. e. dripping their feet in concrete. Now, I know that this place lives off tourist industry and without the crowds, the local economy wouldn't work but a girl can dream, right?

Yes, you're right, I was downtown again. Three main tasks: Go to Museo Horne (fail, closed), buy sunscreen, spf50+, can't find mine (fail, this is a country that doesn't cater to milky white people) and to get a powder brush - I succeeded in this one at least.
When hanging around the department store in a vain attempt to find a decent sunscreen, I did a bit of sniffing. I deeply regretted that the pretty pale green Miss Dior Chérie L'eau smells like cat piss on me because it looks lovable, I tried again Diorella which is an olfactory equivalent to be hit with a log, and Miss Dior - I got the old version on eBay and everybody says that it's better. I guess that being better than the current Miss Dior is no big deal, on the other hand, now, six hours later, the paper strip smells passable.
But... I don't love all things Japanese, no damn freaking way, if I was blindly uncritical, which I'm not, I would keep it very secret so that people wouldn't think me superficial. I'd say that I may appreciate some Japanese stuff on a sunny day when in the mood for that, which explains that after seeing it mentioned somewhere, I've been maniacally hunting for Basala. The fragrances by Shiseido are not available just totally everywhere and just around now, there's a bottle of Basala EdT on eBay, two days before auction ending, around 67 euros. I read somewhere that Serge Lutens has maniacally devout fans and since Serge Lutens created a few things for Shiseido, it may be the maniacal fans fighting for it. 35 euros in Coin, folks. If you weren't that busy trolling eBay...

Anyhow, when my heart rate got back to passable 200, I tried it and it's one of the best fragrances evah. I won't repeat myself, I've already ranted enough on Fragrantica - and speaking of Fragrantica, all the men's fragrances I wear are described there as particularly masculine. Interesting.

Now, it demonstrates the immense powers of marketing. I would like to see an experiment of the same scent being marketed in ladies' and gentlemens' packaging. The women's presentation in a pink bottle with a bow and gilding and some overfucked ornaments, presented as ideal fragrance for sweet fragile princesses. The men's bottle in smoke-grey glass, all edges, and advertised as a fragrance for guys who have lots of muscles and roaring chainsaws. Or something like that. I would want to see the reviews: "La Princesse is the perfect scent for a woman who wants to be romantic but not overtly so. The top notes of neroli and carnation add airy and fragile touch..."
No. I'm a damn insomniac but although it's after midnight, I'm not so high as to invent two imaginary fragrance reviews like this. I would drink but I have stuff to do but one day, when I'll be in the right mood....

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