Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Don't try to stand between me and my cake

Yesterday I kept ranting extatically about Basala.
I checked the buzz on the internetz, people wrote that it's being discontinued so today I wanted to plunder the shelf. Some damn idiot left the price tag for EdT but they had none and, well, I may be crazy but not that crazy as to buy some after shave stuff. Definitely not before I check what are after shave stuffs made from.
I checked all places possible around the town, including the Shiseido booth at the largest department store - the ladies gave me a very weird look that I want to try men's fragrance. (Same store, YSL booth - I gave an eye to the new Nuit d'un homme, the lady made me to try it - pretty but somewhat flat - and when I showed signs of pleasure, she urged me to buy it, that nobody cares whether it's men's or women's stuff.) I ended up in Profumeria inglese, the nicest shop of its sort which has, among other advantages, qualified and very helpful shop assistants; the ladies spent quite some time phoning places and then sadly told me that the fragrance is indeed being discontinued, that they have some shower gels and stuff but not the edt anymore.
Now, don't dare to stand between me and my dessert. I never claimed to be a good person and when I want something, there is the critical period when I wander around with bloodshot eyes and want. It may settle down after a while, or not, but when I want my cake and you're in the way... well, you were warned.

When in the department store, I checked Chamade by Guerlain which I got on eBay without trying, somehow relying on an overenthusiastic review. I should have been warned by the claimed similarity to Miss Dior, one of the few fragrances that makes me want to throw up. It was this Chamade that waited for me at the post office. Well, the same website that published the overenthusiastic review is populated by Guerlain maniacs so I have five offers from prospective buyers. Olga will set up an auction. I never claimed to be a good person, remember.

After two hours of checking all possible and impossible links to various corners of the internetz, I found several places where they sold the EdT for prices that were totally indecent, very many places that said Out of stock. And the umpteenth website was a rather local store (Lucca or around, I think) that had the damn stuff on stock so I got a lifetime supply.
Ten minutes later, Olga sent me a list (or I read a list) of stuff she wanted from eBay.

I hereby declare that I'm broke. No, I'm not really broke but I have to play broke in order not to buy more things. Or at least to not buy unimportant things.

I hang around the town for a while, I wrung the scarf soaked in Kypre, bottled a few samples for Elena of Perfume Shrine, hung the scarf onto the drying rack and now the whole place smells of iris root. I think it's not any damn chypre fragrance by any means but I may be wrong. I'm often wrong.

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