Sunday, 15 March 2009

More from Olga's bag

Olga is my perfumista friend.
Olga's bag is a paper bag from the department store in which I put stuff I bought for her or stuff I bought for myself/got somewhere and didn't like it. She may either take it or she'll sell it back home in the Reservation where some things are scarce and perfumista maniacs are not. (No point of me selling stuff from Italy, of course.)

Jours heureux en Hongrie (1): I admit, I got it because of the name. It's produced by something called Le Monde en Parfum and it's not bad. It smells like lemon hard candy on a soapy (rose? aldehydes?) base and I can imagine quite a few people wearing it happily. I don't belong among them.
[hand cleaned with salvietta rinfrescante a te verde and some spit]
Now, I gotta go and do some ebaying, folks.

fifteen minutes and several heart attack attempts later

[salvietta rinfrescante and spit do not work well on Happy days in Hungary. Meantime, some goddamn bitch snatched the vintage Cuir de Russie in the last second. Or, it was two damn bitches competing.]

Now, Asja. The long discontinued fragrance by Fendi of which I read somewhere out there in the depths of internetz. And saw the pictures. In every minimalist with good taste, there's a kitschy girl waiting to have her own way so I was enchanted by (1) black and gold striped bottle (2) red and black striped hexagonal box (3) the kitschy name itself. I got a miniature just somewhere and then I became enthralled by the scent itself. I did a good bit of googling, found some discount store in Britain where I ordered the rest of stock, 9x20ml, then nothing was arriving until they refunded me. Asja gets freakishly expensive on eBay but I must've been a good girl in my previous life (and I'll no doubt get lots of shit in the next one for the amount of vanity I exert) because after some trolling of eBay, a local seller had the 40ml bottle for incredible 9,90. I snatched it with some long out of production Karl Lagerfeld and some stuff for Olga and now I iz happy. The only issue remaining was that I shared the miniature with Olga and Olga wants her Asja, too. The 70ml bottle from Spain was cancelled by eBay so... well, I'm continuing my cautious watch.
However, Asja. The top notes should be fruity and citrusy and possibly they are but the spices are fighting the way through the fruits - nutmeg, cinnamon and also pretty prominent honey. The florals are there, too, but not too prominent - jasmine, carnation, ylang-ylang, rose... they add to the composition without sticking out. After a while, lilies of the valley start fighting their way out, and I smell something indefinably smokey - it has to be cedar in the base.

(1) Informations welcome. Google spat out something from French forums but no substantial information.

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