Friday, 27 March 2009

Farmacia SS. Annunziata

I feel that I owe some history and local stuff to my dear readers. (If there are any, obviously.)
So, on Tuesday, I finally dragged my lazy ass to the pharmacy around the corner. I read some time ago somewhere on the internetz that some place around SS. Annunziata makes their own perfumes. It's the university quarter and via de'Servi is totally around the corner but I am what I am. It took time. The pleasant surprise for an art historian were the 17th century shelves. Pretty.
When I checked that there're not many people (social phobia, remember), I went in, chatted up the pharmacist, tried a handful of things, bought a bottle of Patchouly indonesiano, got a handful of samples (to be dealt with later) and went my own way.
There company has a website which is totally lacking any relevant information. They even list some fragrances which are different from what they have in the pharmacy - I got a brochure with a list of stuff including the ingredients.
The Patchouly Indonesiano rocks. Forget the sparkly light patchouli of Coromandel or whatever else. This is some special sort; at the beginning it has the bitterness of artemisia in Yatagan. Although it's Indonesian patchouli in the top, middle and base, it develops somehow, after a while the bitterness cedes and gives way to wet earth and honey and something that I'd compare to moldy newspapers. After a few hours, it dries to something almost minty. In general, it reminds me of the of beehives at grandparents' garden. Dry wood, honey, beeswax and some sort of dirt, on a sunny summer day. It lasts forever and resists washing quite a bit.

Patchouly Indonesiano by Farmacia SS Annunziata, 95 euros for 100ml of perfume.
Top notes: Indonesian patchouli
Middle notes: Indonesian patchouli
Base notes: Indonesian patchouli

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