Monday, 16 March 2009


I did some spring cleaning of sorts. It was needed, I started to be worried that the dust bunnies might overwhelm me and the floor space was somehow getting smaller. I took away the yarn from the French window because it's spring and I don't mind the draft anymore. The cashmeres and silks went into plastic bags to the wardrobe and some stuff is on display.
I rewound the dust-coloured megaskein into several balls which was a major pain in the arse because it's angora/cashmere/lambswool blend so it's lightweight and of enormous yardage. it was meant for a sweater but meantime, it got somehow warmer so... next season.
Yes, the baby yarn colonies are still somehow growing around. I'm not that meticulous and why not to keep some atmosphere. (It's New Ruby by Noro, long discontinued and I finished a sweater from that one around a week ago.)
I dusted the shelfs - it was a tough task because I have tons of things.

Somehow, the stuff accumulates to create little nice still lifes. Nail paint (and there's some more somewhere around, obviously) that reminds me that I should paint my nails someday.

Or trash. It must be breeding.

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