Friday, 13 March 2009

Best enemies

I seem to have adapted well to Italy. I seem to have allergy to cypress pollen.
Admittedly, it may be mental because on Sunday, I was in the botanical garden, saw cypresses blossoming, the educational note read that it's a popular allergen here and on Monday I woke up all swollen and my hair and skin on my face felt as if they wanted to peel off and walk away. I tried some anti-looklikecrap lotion (didn't work) and took more antihistamins and whined all day long.
Meet cupressus sempervirens. Wikipedia says that it's called pencil pine.
Evil wikipedians, they should have the 'swallow your coffee first' warning. Heeeh, pencil pine! Pine, mind you. Pencils, for that matter, are made of cedar wood. At least those good ones.
I love cypresses, they are pretty. So are the real pines. One sunny day, I'll take the camera with me when going to I Tatti.
The other tree I love because it's pretty (1) is hazelnut. Coryllus avellana for the botany-minded types and another popular allergen.

Pretty tree - they have the curly variety here.
And to round it up to three, a cat lives in the botanical garden. A lovely colourpoint. She has a house behind a glasshouse. The other day I went by bus past the garden and saw her hunting for something.

I have allergy to cats, too.
Life is funny.

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