Sunday, 15 March 2009

A few things from the backlog

I bought a few niceties these days and got showered with samples. One of them was Miss Dior Chérie L'eau. I expected a lot, the middle notes being described like gardenia accords made me expect something like my best beloved Une fleur.
Nope. At the first try, the thing was acidic and I put it in the category of No big deal. When shopping for something springy yesterday, I sprayed it on me to give it yet another try. The top note of orange essence makes a terrible mess and added the indolic qualities of white flowers, the result turns to Eau du Chat. Cat piss, if you wish. Thet good point may be that the scent is pretty persistent.
Eau de Chat went to the Olga's bag - she may pick whatever she fancies and we'll sell the rest and get us some more perfumes.

I did some shopping. So, I got a black fan – long time ago, I saw a pic of Karl Lagerfeld (when he was still fat, I think) in Vogue posing with one, with the logo of Vogue printed on it. I love black and I love accessories and I love fans which are moreover handy for good part of the year. The thingie will need a bit of customizing, I'll try to get off the gloss of the varnish by nail paint remover and instead of the Vogue logo, I'll add my own signature. Got me a Nancy Cunard style bangle. Not in ivory, just some indefinable wood for 9 euros... but I have a bangle large enough for my big paw. One. Out of many that were in the shop. Being a big-boned fashion victim is somewhat tough.
A propos of shopping, I checked several places and apparently, getting a hair bleach is impossible in this town. After fifth shop, I got the blondest colour of blondest. The woman photographed on the box looked a little teeny weeny bit darker than I.
The hair turned out passably well but it's not just the way it should be. I bleach my hair to have it bleached, not to get some golden blonde or how the hell the colour is called. But, better than nothing.

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