Sunday, 31 May 2009

Acqua dell'Elba

Elba is one of those small islands in the Mediterranean, known for Napoleon Bonaparte, who was sort of internated there - he was made ruler of Elba and I couldn't help wondering whether there may be a nice insular duchy (or kingdom or independent sultanate) under the rule of Napoleon XVI. Buonaparte today weren't it for Napoleon the Original's megalomania.

I saw the Acqua dell'Elba fragrances some time ago in one of the numerous profumerias of Florence and initially I thought that they might be by some interesting niche brand - simple packaging in eau de nil boxes, simple bottles, although the pale turquoise juice was mildly suspicious. I made a mental note to check it sometimes.
Upon my arrival to Elba, I saw the whole cupboard of Acqua dell'Elba products in the cupboard in the reception. And in the tourist informations centre. Adverts all over. It was somewhat... suspicious.
I finally tried both versions, for men and women, and they are not bad. Neither interesting, I must say, a well-blended citrusy cologne for gentlemen and a well-blended floral for ladies. But... oh so boring. I can imagine both as a nice and 'typical' gift for anyone - grandnephew, mother in law, hated neighbour. Along with a pretty eau de nil towel.

When, damn, there are so many scents in the air. We went up the Mt. Capanne and the air smelled bitter of Genista desolea and stones and sun. There's maccia, junipers, chesnuts - do chesnut trees smell somehow, I wonder? and definitely some more than I could smell in the Acqua dell'Elba fragrances although for both, the notes give Mediterranean shrub.

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