Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Not a sequel to previous Tuesday sufferings, though.

My mom arrived on Thursday. We had some serious fun but I'm totally grateful to I Tatti that it simply is. After all that sightseeing, mom decided to stay at home, cook, do laundry and, well, whatever she decides and I ran away uphill to have some peace and to possibly do some research. (1)
Not that mom would be annoying as such but first, she needs undivided attention. I cannot be talking to her and poking something around at the same time and less so can I actually talk to her and write. Although she urged me to do whatever I need, whenever I retreated to my room, it wouldn't take long before she'd call asking whether I want some coffee or what do I want to eat for dinner. The answers would be Yes and Anything but she would want to discuss it.
Yesterday she spent the whole morning and evening hanging around the city and now she's knocked down. Not by stendhalitis, I'm afraid that her perception of art and architecture is such that she's immune to this one, but crampylegs and blisters... she couldn't just go home or sit somewhere, she had to wait for the end of my dance class (2) and she had to wait walking. I was thus free to go and do my own things.
Which meant that I dealt with the communication backlog... in a place which is quiet.

I'm going to Elba for the weekend and I have some interesting ideas which are being worked on so there will be some interesting content someday soon.
(1) Nothing done, I needed to deal with a backlog of agenda on which I need to concentrate.
(2) and ruin my meditative walk home

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