Monday, 4 May 2009


I made two phonecalls today. Library and landlord. I'm happy and proud of myself - social phobia turns you pretty asinine in certain aspects.

I also managed to do something about the mess in my flickr account (no linky, it has different purposes than showing to the blog followers) - I deleted nearly everything. After having cleaned the Ultimate Shelf of Doom, alternatively called floor, my life seems to be heading towards ordinate. Speaking of cleaning, emergency laundry can be doing by spraying Chanel 22 over one's tired clothes, or any other aldehydic fragrance you may fancy.

I got some more grant money. Since I feel that my research matter is somewhat nebulous, it must be my extreme powers of persuasion that made someone assign me, for example, 600 euros in paperclip money. That's damn much office supplies, like, five lifetimes of office supplies regardless of the fact that I can steal as many paperclips as I can eat at work. Maybe I should declare that post-its for Christmas are the new black.

I found out what codecs are and downloaded them - I'm one step closer from getting my dvd-playing thingy working. Not sure that it's one step less from fifteen kilometres trip.

It seems to me that life is absurd.

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