Friday, 15 May 2009

I can haz influence?

The other day I talked to L. She told me that she read about Farmacia SS. Annunziata and their perfume line and since she needed a lip balm or something, she chose to drop there, got her handful of samples and was enthusiastic about them and thanked me.
Even worse.
The other day, Olga mailed me along the lines of Hey, the woman that bought those The Different Company samples from your Away with them box asked me about something and I referred her to you. Olga thinks I'm an immense expert although I told her that I dabble into nothing and everything. Well, I love me some praise, compliments or sheer flattery but.... Anyway, Mrs. Whatshername mailed me that she would like to get hold of Janine B by Muelhens and whether I don't know, just by chance, where to get it. All I know about Muelhens is that they make the Kolnisches Wasser so I played with Google for ten seconds, found it on eBay, mailed the linkies to Mrs. Whatshername, she had lots of happy and thanked and thanked more. And since Janine B is discontinued, whether I may by chance know about something similar. I checked the notes and said Well, Amazone, theoretically, but would you pretty please send me a sample because similar composition might bring very different results.
Yes, Amazone is discontinued too. I adore it – leathery and salty and fruity. Janine B has the leathery and salty in the top notes but the drydown is more powdery. One way or another, I cannot think of anything similar. Reminds me to get some more Amazone when it's still available around the internetz.

Even worser worse.
I became a sort of perfume guru on 'our' fashion'n'stuff board. I however lack opinions on the mainstream stuff like Cool Water by Davidoff.

The worstest.
Some time ago, I got hold of Kypre. The vicissitudes were already described elsewhere.
Since I'm no damn perfume expert although apparently some think so, I trolled a few perfume blogs and when I read that the creator of Perfume Shrine is a historian, I decided that it be her whom I'll ask. Since then, we had interesting and enriching (for me certainly) mail exchange with Helg, she'll be publishing an article on Kypre someday soon including my slightly embarassing stories and she was so kind as to ask whether she can. Poor Helg, she's not aware of the generally high amount of cray-zee which is often far beyond slightly embarassing, away to something like Oh, nope, this is not by any chance my grandma because I was raised by wolves and adopted to that family. Helg also got interested in my own creation, Eau du Calvados, already gossiped about in certain circles (see above, friends who think me an expert) and my knees went somewhat weak.
I know that I have immense powers of persuasion that lead people to think that my achievements are bigger, thoughts deeper and that my beauty would make more than those forty ships sail out to sea. I don't even try that much but it still works. And now a damn real perfume expert wants my November scent of rotting apples and wet leaves. Well....

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