Friday, 8 May 2009

Good timing

I started taking dance classes again. After several months of generalized lazy, sick and absent, I decided that I'd better organize me around dance classes and, well, went there. The folks started preparing a choreography for the end of the year show. Well, when Keith told me, I wasn't really impressed, that's done in dance classes and the one I participated in the last time was no big deal.
Well, after the barre, there we went... and I was informed by folks that it's called Malattia di Stendhal. Yeah, stendhalitis. (1) And, it is incredible fun. Moreover, we have extra classes to make up for the rehearsals - even better, I'm still fat and shapeless.

Speaking of stendhalitis, I recalled my first weeks in Florence. I had my paleography classes at nine in the mornings, I'd hop off the buss at the archeologic museum and go to school along the Ospedale degli Innocenti. On the fourth step, it somehow worked for me. In the crisp autumn morning, seeing the porticoes and the cupola and... well, I didn't have stendhalitis but something I call, most probably wrongly, detachment. I couldn't believe that I'm the hell here. In that Florence featured in art history books as the place. That Florence, ranted about by my professors, without actually giving explanation why anyhting should be so rantworthy. And then I used to see the towering green and white marble mass of the Duomo over the roofs. And the Ospedale. And rotonda, a stub of the church Brunelleschi started building for the convent of Sta. Maria degli Angeli, rotonda serves as language centre and the convent is a part of the arts faculty. Like, my faculty.
The general sickly feeling caused by this left me after a few months, then it started to be cold and rainy and bad weather doesn't support appreciation of culture. Because of frozen feet or something.
Meantime I've become Florentine. I have the right accent and I feel that I'm a part of this place. I've come back to study here, I plan to graduate (2) here (3) and... well, this is my place.
Thus my plans for tomorrow are these.

(1) wikipedia offers hyperkulturemia as a synonym. Damn, LOL. That word rocks, I'm going to use it from now on
(2) mom called today. I was ranting about my work, my thesis, my papers, my work and how it goes and that one of the professors is planning an expedition to L'Aquila to do cataloguing as soon as there's some place to stay and that I'll come back here in, like September. Mom asked thusly: So you really plan to get your M. A. there?
(3) admittedly, being as superficial as I am, the laurel wreath people get here is a major motivation, along with bragging

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