Friday, 15 May 2009

I'm ill

It's probably Nature's way of telling me You damn lazy moron, you want to get your M. A. and your Ph.D. and you're around 1650 pages behind so you'll sit at home and write your ass off.
In fact, I thought that it was allergy. I ate an impossible amount of almonds, I'm allergic to almonds and I concluded that the sore throat is Nature's way of telling me Get some real food. I checked in the morning and the tonsils were, like, reddish. I still thought something of a damn cold in July (1) or damn allergy but after having drunk a jug of tea - it helps with the soreness - I decided that it is too much. I checked my throat again (using that Dior makeup palette mirror, no special gadgets needed) and the lumps on my tonsils were not there in the morning for sure. I diagnosed it a tonsilitis, strep throat or something like that.
Since I'm abroad, I don't really feel like going to the doc. Especially on Friday afternoon, it basically means going to ER. And arguing with someone, possibly, because I have allergies to most commonly used antibiotics and I'm not sure whether anyone would be willing to give me a script for those not usual and obviously expensive. No clue what would the insurance company say about it. So, since mom is coming on Thursday, I mailed Doc who knows that I'm sane and allergic and he'll send the script to mom who will bring me the meds. Meantime, I'll see whether it's serious and needs antibiotics or not.
Funnily enough, I feel totally fine but for the sore throat. And I cough when I talk. I decided that since I'm not dying and since trash needs to be thrown out or it'll start rottingsoon, mail needs to be mailed and there's no decent food at home, I could go to Ikea to get me some medicines. Almond cake, meat balls and booze. Plus bed rest and a few more:

Knitting, chocolate, reading matter and pink friends aka ibuprofene(2). Not that bad, if I think it from another perspective.

(1) I'm a Northerner and this is July to me.
(2) Joanna says that in the U. S., it's reddish brown and that she's using pink friend, too, because reddish brown friend sounds silly. Reddish brown ibuprofene wouldn't match my knitting either.

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