Monday, 1 June 2009

Back to Elba: on the top of the mountain

I love mountain tops. I can see far away and feel the winds bringing distances to me.

Moreover, there tend to be pretty flowers on the mountaintops. Genista desolea created a landscape of golden cushions on the granite (I suppose) rocks, changing the barren edges into stylish space. Moreover, it gave out bittersweet scent I would want to have in a bottle. Tesla bottle, for that matter, so that I could bathe in it.

Isolated places have their endemites. I'm not sure about genista but Viola corsica ssp. ilvensis is one of them. This little and pretty violet grows on the mountaintop only. Viola corsica is an aggregate or superspecies that has a range of variants and subspecies, almost every island of the Tuscan archipelago has its own.
There were a few albino exemplars, too:

And, no, don't go there. It's a boring place and you'd only step on flowers and damage fragile ecosystems. Stay at the sea and sunbathe:D

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