Saturday, 13 June 2009


On Saturday, we had to get out of the hotel in some reasonable time and the vague decision was to go somewhere and hang around. Someone said Porto Azzuro, because it sounded nice. However, everybody seemed to have the same idea. We couldn't find any parking space within reasonable walking distance from the centre (two streets and a quay, I'd say} so my original idea, let's go to Lacona, there's a dune, you can bathe and I can see the plants, was recalled.

There's one single dune on Elba. I had my little book on plants of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park so I ranted about it all the time- my parents are not totally in agreement with my hobbies, neither do they appreciate that I can be pretty obsessive about whatever comes to my mind but there was nothing much to do anyway and the argument that where a dune is, there is a beach, worked. Dad parked himself in the beachside bar, mom did a bit more sunbathing - no I don't understand that someone voluntarily stays in the sun and bakes - and I was looking for things in the bushes.

Some sort of Equisetum (horsetail). Looks like science fiction...

Something pointy (damn, I wish I were a botanist)

Malcolmia sp. I knew the name and I forgot but this is another of Elba's endemites, growing only at the dune. It's a very visible plant, with gray-green stem and pale violet flowers and there are damn many of them.

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