Thursday, 4 June 2009

Some more on Kypre

I need to add a few thoughts to the wonderful article Helg published some days ago. And a few pictures, too.

After the bottle of Kypre gave way to Time, I kept the perfume in various containers that were at hand, such as a bottle that had held a topical antibiotic for my acne and a few more.
Yet, sometimes a plain irritation with something changes to Urge and Urge metamorphoses into Obsession.
I'm not a collector of perfume bottles and if all gods existing stand by me, I will never be, I have crap enough to store already but I allow myself some exceptions, one being for example the wonderful Vol de Nuit propeller bottle... and when I bumped into another Kypre bottle, I just decided I needed it so that I could put the perfume to its original home. It came with a different box which was rather damaged by mold and it's presented on the famous red scarf that was soaked in the perfume in that nasty accident.

I also love that scarf, it's lightweight silk, I got it in a secondhand store which meantime turned rather awful. It was beige and I dyed it burgundy to match a dress I wanted to wear for my cousin's wedding (and nope, there are no pics of yours truly re-enacting Anita Ekberg in the fountain in La dolce Vita but it's my fave party trick so maybe next time... well, if anyone invites me anywhere) and I've worn it for years since it can be crumpled into a small ball at the bottom of my bag, it's long enough to tie around the waist (useful in cold reading rooms, try that and your kidneys will thank you) and it's just pretty.
In fact, it wasn't the first perfume accident, many years ago, a bottle of Le Male leaked onto the very same scarf when I packed it with me for yet another holiday on Cyprus. I washed it during the weekend, wondered how it still retained some smell after those years and several baths in detergent... and then I poured it over with Kypre.
After the steps necessary to save whatever remained of theperfume, I tossed it over the drying rack... and the apartment filled with iris scent slowly, changing my place into iris swamp for days and weeks. Now, a few months after, it smells of exquisite aldehydes and roses.
I'm quite sure that both the boxes were created by the same designer, whoever he or she may be, at the picture of both, there's a drawing of doe that seems to be by the same hand.

When digging through the internets, I found a picture of Magie in the same box as my first Kypre at Laura Palanga's website, among auction results....

Now, the next step is up to Lancome folks, what if they brought Kypre back in La Collection, for example?

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