Tuesday, 9 June 2009

State of matters as of Tuesday, June 9, 2238

At around half past three, I wanted to make bacon and eggs. I recognise a hundred of different perfumes but not rotten meat. The bacon has been around for more than a week and it seemed sickly and pale but to me but it didn't smell. I poked it, peeled off a bit of the topmost slice, it didn't have any taste either. After having swallowed, I saw a goo that was certainly colonies of bacteria. Just in case, I had a big gulp of calvados which I keep around for similar cases.
The girls at the forum said that (a) it's only surface rot and in any decent supermarket, they would wash and sell it without hesitation (b) no worries, that 60% calvados would cure plague. I'm still alive, they had to be right.
At around five, I passed the other exam. Being a studip furriner helped, got a fatherly speech to read more, too. But, speech or not, I passed.
At around five-twenty, I was at Ilaria's for the last s'n'b' before summer, there was a potluck, I ate lots of food, gave out some leftover yarn (admittedly, novelty shiny ones) and fabric dyes... and went home and dropped dead.

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  1. I wouldnt repeat pushing my luck with washing bacteria with alcoholic beverages, if I were you!
    Congrats on the exams though!!