Thursday, 25 June 2009

Festa di San Giovanni - dedicated to M.

Bite the Day of the Republic, Easter or whatever, San Giovanni is the most important feast here. The city is shut down, people are in the streets and there're fireworks.
Laura found a spot at ponte delle Grazie - first we were to meet at ponte della Trinita but she decided it was too crowded there.

Well, could've taken pics with fireworks and Ponte Vecchio but one can't have everything. We had a spot... and the bunch of Russian girls had a spot just behind us. They were Russian and loud. Several times, I shouted to shut up but they didn't care so I was bound not only to hear but also to understand sophisticated comments like Look! A red one! Ooooh, a star! And a flower! Now! in high-pitched voices.

I had a tripod - and if I didn't want really much to get pretty pictures, I'd use it as an assault weapon. I'm tall so I got a big tripod and well, three kilos of sturdy and handy aluminium tubes... just saying. Laura and I. had the advantage of not understanding. I said something not very polite about idiots when the crowd dispersed and they were Oh, you understand Russian, and what did they say then? expecting something that would turn the world upside down, some deep philosophical truth that needed to be shouted despite the crowds and fireworks. See, that's a green one! They look like big flowers! I re-enacted, gained some undeserved praise and Laura started telling the rest of the group how I study due mila delle lingue and how she spent the whole day at work reading my blog and how the bits about that failed Japanese course are far the funniest. I knew continuing the course would make excellent blog fodder but I didn't want to risk my sanity.

I had some spare wine and instant coffee so I brought it to Laura - or anyone who'd be around - to use it up, I'd be royally drunk if I had to drink it all. And there's more at home, there was only an amount I could carry.

Hey, a green one! And a blue one!

Aren't these cool!!!


Look! Stars!

And these are red!


  1. Thanks for the wine and everything else.
    And I like the music very much.

  2. Hey, there are some tracks that I know from my oriental dance lessons on the music cd that you gave me. Thanks again.