Saturday, 27 June 2009

Somewhere out there

When I was about to hit the track, I wanted to check from the outside of the car at which end my compartment is.Well, the closer end, but the compartment was already inhabited by four guys in various states of drunkenness and undress, several bottles of beer, at least four cartons of Chateau Tetrapak and they had a party going on.
I'm tough but not tough enough for this so I found myself a place elsewhere. Luckily, the train wasn't that packed but admittedly, I'd rather stand in the corridor than socialize with drunks.
Thinking of it,the railways should provide a party car, it's 0538 and some arseholes play loud and bad music.(My father would comment it along the lines of Be glad, they could be singing. True.)
Sunrise at the Alps: pretty. Internet connection: bad. Trains get redirected somehow around Vienna, meaning half an hour of delay or so: not pretty. My shoulders freaking hurt from carrying all my crap around: not pretty either, especially since a part of the problems are abrasions, not only muscle fatigue.
I hope mommy makes me a cake.
While I got connected to something that works, I checked the weather forecast. It says hot and humid - as if I hadn't had enough in Italy. This is simply not fair.

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