Wednesday, 24 June 2009

This week I don't bite

There must be something generally wrong with the world.
On Sunday, I was eating the Ikea meatballs - I'll be moving so I need to eat out the freezer - and in the last one, I felt something hard-ish. I spat it out and it looked like a bit of bone. It's minced meat, I thought to myself, so they minced the whole cow or whatever the meatballs are made of into the mixture.

Two years ago, I was eating mandolato, that sinfully good Greek candy made of nuts glued together with caramel. The nuts in questions were pistacho and I indeed had brains enough not to chew on it, I broke a bit, let it dissolve in my mouth... etc. Then, I felt a sharp bit at my molar. I thought a bit of something stuck to my tooth, tried to scrape it off and then I realized that I chipped my tooth without a reason. It was exam time, I was rather busy and it didn't bleed so I went calmly to bed. Next morning, I called the university clinic, supposing somehow that they would deal with students, after all, it belongs to the university. The secretary insisted that I register there so that they'd be my default care providers. I politely refused because my dentist rocks and good dentists are scarce and explained that I need a bit of cement so that the sensitive bit won't hurt. The secretary changed the attitude and said Oh, it's urgent, then you can come... and gave me an appointment in six weeks time. Next week I went home, dropped at the dentists, she had me open my mouth and exclaimed Woman, you ate your own healthy tooth!, cursed a bit and then proceeded to fix it.

This time, it was meatballs. Not stones but meatballs. Well, I'm going back north on Friday and after some necessary errands on Monday and Tuesday, I'll get the tooth fixed, no big deal, and meantime I'll eat soft stuff. Or not. I need to lose weight anyway.
On Monday, there was something going on at school and then we went for a lunch with our somewhat multi-cultural group. When I grimaced after the pasta poked my achy molar, someone asked what's up, I said Damn broken tooth and M. exclaimed Oh, you too?! She's returning to Japan a month or so earlier because we apparently share the general trust to Italian dentistry.

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