Monday, 28 December 2009

Explanation of sorts

This time of year and the weather drive me crazy, along with the low level stress caused by notorious procrastination. I have SAD, more known as winter depression and I'm annoying. Much snarkier and much more sarcastic than usual (1). And the cat constantly shits on the floor which doesn't help anything either.
That's why I'm avoiding communication, I would be whiny in the best case but more likely just plain mean.
I mean, whoever misses me, mail me or send a card. Not getting any sort of Christmas greeting doesn't mean that I forgot about you - exactly on the contrary. I however don't like prefabricated stuff and empty phrases and in case I got personal, probably you wouldn't like it - I can be extremely annoying when I have this sort of crappy mood and in the best case, you would get a long letter about my daily plight with cat poo in the hallway (and yes, it could be worse. Do not ask, you don't want to know) (2). If you send something, do so, I'll be glad. I'm interested in you and whatever you do although my lack of response could hint otherwise - I'm just avoiding the chance to be an asshole. Wait for the spring, then I'll be back to normal... erm, to the better part of my standard state which isn't exactly normal anyway.

(1) yes it's possible
(2) the Cat from Hell is now sleeping on the radiator and most likely will continue for the next four or five hours so she doesn't say hello

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