Friday, 18 December 2009

Kindgom for a bobby pin!

Bad hair day is rather a known phenomenon. It's a day on which bad hair happens to you while you don't have the opportunity to wash, dry and fix it neatly first thing in the morning.

Alright, yesterday I washed my hair. Don't wash out, said the conditioner, effectively conditioning my hair into a huge spongey thing.
Normally, I would brush it neatly and ignore the general lack of lustre. However...
My shoulder hurts like a freaking hell. My right shoulder and I'm right-handed. All I can do with my right is a small range of movements with my arm down.
For your information, I have waist-long hair. Being changed into a clump of something reaching only halfway down my back didn't improve matters. I hate blow-drying and it takes pretty long anyway.
The only option was to try as much as I can do with my left and fix the whole mess into a hippie chic chignon. In fact, my hair never got so bad that a loose chignon wouldn't make it look classy.

It however needs something to fix with. Hairpins, bobby pins, something along the lines, of which I have a bucketful at the other house. Not a single hairpin here. DPNs would do only for a very sleek style, I'm telling you, especially those brand new steel ones, not for a messy mess.

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