Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I can haz influence, I suspect

Yesterday, I did my first perfume consulting.
A dear friend of mine decided that he needs to buy a perfume for his wife. She wore some Puma cologne many years and two pregnancies ago... luckily, R. didn't want it to be a surprise.
The bad thing is that I don't have that many things that would be readily available so I grabbed the few things that just were around, happily forgetting about the readily available and rather generally liked Covet. We had a nice discussion, R. said that if he knew all this ten years ago, he could've impressed the girls; I snidely remarked that, after all, now he can impress customers anyway. I left a handful of samples there - R. himself instantly fell for Terre d'Hermes - and I hear that although P. got J'adore in one of its variants Jardin sur le Nil, I got it wrong on the phone, they had fun sampling stuff.
Feels good.

postscriptum: Starting choosing a gift on the 22th is not advisable.

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