Thursday, 3 December 2009

Knitting status

Exchange between one of the Ravelry editors and yours truly:

losingcount (verbatim): Not sure if you realise it but many of your photos from Flickr are not showing up. Since you are the premier collector of Noro on Ravelry ;-) this is a great loss!

me (paraphrased): I know, my flickr account is messed up, I need to sort out my yarn and take new pics.

losingcount (verbatim): No pressure! It’s just that you are the Noro Queen.

Not that I wouldn't know that I happen to be engulfed by heap of yarn, sometimes called The Legendary Stash of Noro. Those who are allowed into the esoteric waters of Ravelry, will see that most pics are missing as of writing this post. The muddles non-Ravelers need to believe me. I'm slowly fixing that, with great joy because I can play with beautiful yarn.

My new sweater. Just bragging.