Thursday, 3 December 2009

Something like winter

It has been sunny until a few days ago. As if the autumn and winter were cancelled and late summer advanced straight into early spring.
Today, I found that it's below zero the hard way. The mailwoman rang to deliver a book (De Boccard rocks, I placed an order on around Monday and by now, it's here), I wanted to go down to the garden door and, well, slid half of the stairs.
Winter has started.

Yesterday I got two boxes of blown-glass Christmas ornaments. Now I need to pack the goodie boxes and go to the post office (again, hate) to mail them off before the Postal Doom of Christmas. For that, I need to find that movie I promised to BM, and some yarn to add (I seem to have lots of buddies in Ravelry, that's why). For that, I need to sort out my yarns. So, again, this place looks like there was an explosion.

Oh, life.


  1. Gosh, hope you didn't bruise yourself too badly!!

  2. Nope, a minor bruise on my bottom where it got hit by five stair edges. The mailwoman didn't know whether to laugh or whether to be sorry.