Friday, 4 December 2009

The perfumista challenge - update

Yes, you can still join the Perfumista Challenge.

I got several participants, apart from yours truly, there are:
Marla who writes for Perfume-Smellin' Things
Pat of the OlfactaRama blog
Tar from Virginia
Mark from Southern Australia
Melissa who didn't give me her adddress yet
Mark from England
Mary from California
... and that's all. Damn, people, don't be shy and join the project, it will be fun. Invite your friends, too. The more, the better.

There were a few questions, too.

So, yes, you can advertise yourself and your products. I'll be glad to link to your website if you provide me with the URL. I however do have two requests: this should be a perfumista challenge, not an advertising arena so be reasonable. Also, for the swap, create something new, please, and start selling it after we are done with this.

Should you want to throw in more samples, I'm not against it. One sample is compulsory, the rest is your good will or advertising campaign or decluttering. Since not everybody will be willing to sent out samples by handfuls, you are not guaranteed to get the same amount back.

Should someone want to ship locally for budget reasons, let me know, I'll try my best to take it into consideration. However, since the participants are from all over the world, it might not work.

A reminder: the list of participants closes on December 31 to give you time to blend your potions and to avoid the pre-Christmas postal hell. The exchange is a simple daisy chain, you get an address to send your sample to and someone else will send you theirs. I would be glad if you reviewed the fragrance and posted it somewhere online and sent me the link so that I can make a summary. Those who don't have any website on their own can post as guest bloggers here.

Have fun.


  1. And I was about to ask how it was going! Yup, the more the better.

  2. Helg, join us too, won't you?
    (I got the samples you sent me, just forgot to thank you yet so, thanks.)