Friday, 11 December 2009

Just so

I love the Sitemeter thingy. Call me silly, I probably am, but it's quite a bit of fun to see where my readers come from, both geographically and by what lead them to my blog.
Some are regulars, that Bern person is most likely Laura (hi there!); the South African reader may well be K. but as far as I know, she should be internet-less somewhere out in the wild there or there may be more of them in Cape Town. And S. from Uppsala (hi, too). There's one from Orimattila, Finland, too (hi there, who are you? Drop a line in the comments, someday), or someone from Cologne, Germany. No, I'm not making a cheap joke.
Then there are various things that I don't really get. Someone added me to their bookmarks on Delicious (whatever it might be, I don't want to investigate) with this note: Reviews of unusual perfumes. The writer seems to fall for the bottles more than their contents.
Yeah, sure, whatever. But, who the hell wouldn't fall for the creations of Robert Granaï (my beloved Parure bottle, for example; also Mahora but I didn't find the information specifically concerning the extrait bottle... but who else?) or Garouste and Bonetti's Nina Ricci bottles that will get their own post someday (Les Belles, the bottles known among those of different views as dog turd with a crown, Deci Dela), or the Cubist splendour of Barynia (should someone know the sculpting mind behind, I'd love to know)? Damn, I'm an art historian, what would one expect?

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  1. Well THIS South African reader isn't K, but I am in Cape Town!