Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Last Thursday, I ran out of coffee. Since I'm short of cash and it rained, I drank tea. Also, the idea of a sixpack of Davidoff at parents' prevented me from actually buying some. It was tough.

I got cold. It felt nasty yesterday, today it feels nasty, it hurts and I cough. Mix that asthmatic type cough, bronchospasm and that productive cough that expels goo from your lungs.

In attempt to relieve my sore throat, sore Eustachian tube and sore trachea, I decided that booze may work. It relaxes muscles, it's a vasoconstrictor so there should be less mucus to annoy. Another disaster struck, I ran out of Cordial Médoc.



  1. Sorry to read that you are not feeling well. My mother's remedy for us as children was a warm mixture of equal parts honey, whiskey and lemon juice. She would give us about a half cup of this when we had sore throats. Strange, now that I think of it: my parents were Methodists and never drank alcohol. People who worked for my dad would occasionally give him a bottle of Canadian. He would put it on the top shelf of the broom closet where it sat until my mom needed to make the remedy.

  2. Queen Cupcake, alcohol for medicinal purposes doesn't count as booze. My Catholic great-grandma (very leisurely Catholic, I need to say) fed my father and my uncle a teaspoon of plum brandy every morning to prevent. It was never specified what to prevent - most likely intestinal parasites, sky falling on their heads and such. When she babysat me, she didn't have any sources for homemade plum brandy so it was red currant wine for me. Later I heard that her sister did exactly the same to her grandkids, to quite some dismay of the mothers.
    Alas, during the unfortunate holiday I mostly spent reading in the bathroom while the other family members were banging the door and saying nasty things, neither local alcohol nor Tullamore helped and I needed to resort to real medicines.