Monday, 19 April 2010

How I didn't get another cat

... and I'm telling you, it cost me quite some effort.
I miss my Meezer. Alas, due to my somewhat itinerant life, it would be too complicated to have the cat with me and drag her around but I do miss the little creature walking at my heels and commenting, playing hide and seek, being vocal, and the little paws and soft nose and... anyway.
The local shelters organize a cat show of shelter cats where one can come and pick their new pet. I wanted to have a look and to cuddle a few cats so yesterday, I got a triple dose of my allergy meds and went.
And there she was. A black Siamese mix that looked like a random black cat, she was bigger than many of the cats around because her previous owner died, she wasn't an underfed stray. But while a good part of the cats was nervous or just ignoring the buzz, this one went from person to person and when she was put back to the cage, she started whining in a very Siamese voice. And she had that soft Meezer fur, big ears, facial expressions. Squeee.

She had even Siamese facial expressions. I spent most of my time at the show holding this beauty.
I did restrain myself from taking her home, though, and left covered in cat hair, with itchy swollen face. But... squeee.


  1. She looks so much like a cat I had, Nikita. He was gorgeous, and one of the smartest animals I've ever known.

    What a sweetie, I hope she found a good home!

  2. Yeah, there was a family with two sweet twin boys who already had adopted two shelter cats. The cat wanted to be cuddled and I needed my dose of cat kisses so while they were doing the paperwork, I held her in my arms and one of the boys told me that I may hold her, that they can play with her later.
    I'm taking my cat to parents' for the weekend. Apparently, I need it:D