Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Random observations

I have quite a heap of odd balls that don't match anything in a reasonable manner to knit them into a decent stripped sweater. The rainbow-coloured boucle looks okay when knitted so there's another baby sweater in the making.

I bought hair dye from a hairdressers' online store. There's a box of powder and a bottle of liquid. Big box, big bottle. Should be mixed together but the whole amount would dye the whole street. Yet another reason to buy a digital scale.

In an attempt to do something about my last new size 41 shoes, I soaked them in the stretch foam, wore them around the house and then decided to go out. I was wise enough to plaster the most potentially problematic posts with the foam toe wrap. but at the metro station, I was sort of forced to change in the much less stylish but comfy Birks.

Bizarre in peoplewatching:
Two Nazi types wearing distinctively feminine perfume of a fashionable sort - that synthetic flowers and patchouli thingy. Think Idylle, Idole or just about every other release of 2009.
A female tennis player. Rather fat, wearing a tennis dress one size smaller than herself. With a very short skirt. Not that type with sewn-in underpants. Some things just shouldn't be done.
A gal wearing a kimono. Along with ugly and worn-out suede shoes on high wedges and a big winter jacket (think Michelin Man).
Mother with a toddler girl. Toddler girl dressed head to toe in pink and ruffles, mother with loooong fake nails, hair extensions, ten centimetres heels, all fashionable, cool and in. And travelling with the pram and two suitcases. Whining how travelling is tough.

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