Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Philtre d'Amour

Philtre d'Amour was launched in 1999, now it's discontinued and sometimes you can come across it in the internetz. Which is how I got it. Just... I don't know why, I have rather a complicated relationship to Guerlain.

For the purposes of accuracy, I checked a dictionary and discovered that Philtre d'Amour means love potion. And vomited in my mouth a little. I know, I know, it's just me who detests these innuendo-implying names of things. I'll rather stick to thinking that philtre means filter (yay for dog French) and put it to the vicinity of Calandre, which works much better for me. Now excuse me, I need to ponder about it for a while and to check that I actually like the fragrance.

Alright, for my purposes, I've renamed it Verdante Effluve. Because it's quite a bit green. Very sharply and intensively green. I needed to wait until spring to find out, for some reason, in winter, I found it intolerable and after four or so hours when the sharp verbena and citrus faded, something like Metallica came to the surface... and I'm telling you, Metallica with lemon zest is evil.
But, then spring happened to begin and the fragrance worked much better. It is green and pungent, with a patchouli base (modern chypre, they call it. Well, no oakmoss, cistus and bergamot, no chypre for me) that makes it somehow more stable than just another cologne. There's also some myrrh which blends so well into verbena and citruses that it's imperceptible on its own, just adding another tangy facet.

I can't think of any similar fragrance, which means that there are many of them out there and I, as a citrus non-liker, keep missing them.

Verdante Effluve (1) Philtre d'Amour (ptooooi!) was launched in 1999 as eau de parfum in the pictured 30ml bottle. Now it is available from Maison Guerlain in the 125ml bee bottle for 180 euros.

(1) I'm keeping this name in stock for my purposes. Just saying.

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