Thursday, 15 April 2010

Work in progress

I suffered a bout of startitis and at the time being, I have six sweaters and one tank top in progress.

Top to bottom:
Green sweater with bat sleeves for O. in Sifa's Maila, a nice fluffy mohairy yarn
Yellow-ochre-pink-turquoise baby sweater which now misses sleeves and a zipper, having progressed from time of taking the picture. The yarn was originally Gedifra's Iglu and I dyed it crazy.
Dark blue and gray sweater for yours truly in Malabrigo Worsted. Around a month ago, I was cold. Now the spring has advanced but... still. Just now I'm done with the sleeve and yoke part and I need to do some engineering. Or maybe no engineering will be needed and things will go smoothly - if so, picture tomorrow.
First row of an orange and pink tank top in Noro's Temari - since it's cotton/viscose blend which would have too much drape, I'm waiting for another yarn I could possibly use with it.
The last one is a sweater where rows of Noro's Silk Garden Sock and New Ruby are alternating. New Ruby is a viscose/cotton blend and I made a sweater from that one alone but it was unwearable. First, cotton is rather heavy (viscose is moreless the same, another cellulose fibre) and second, despite careful swatching and stuff, the sweater grew quite a bit and since the sleeves were knitted across, there was no way of fixing it I would accept. Cutting and sewing is too much for my purist heart, that's it. So, after digging through my messy and extensive stash, I discovered a single skein of Silk Garden Sock, the colours matched rather well... and that's all, folks, new sweater in the making.
The sixth one is at home II. and the seventh one exists in my mind and in a form of swatch sample.

Now, I should say something along the lines of "Otherwise, I'm normal." It would be too much of a disputable claim. However, there's a reason why I have so many things in progress.
First, I knit a lot while reading. That needs knitting which doesn't use up brain capacity, meaning going in the round from here to infinity, or at least for 40cm, which is the distance between a reasonable start and gussets in the armpits.
Second, I knit everywhere. I need something small to carry around, which is not 3/4 of a bulky sweater. It's either something small like sock, which I don't particularly like to knit, or a sweater just started, or something in fine yarn.
Third, variety. Knitting boucle is pain in the arse because I stick the needles to the yarn itself, namely the loops, so after a while, I might want something smooth and easy. I have problems with small gauges - knitting on 2,5mm needles causes pains in the fingers after a while because I need to grip tightly on the small needles. Knitting with big needles, like 6 or 7 mm is similar to shovelling and the wrists may and happily do get achy.
Undeniably, some cray-zee does play its part.

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