Monday, 12 April 2010

Intimately Beckham

Last week, I packed a heap of crap things. Books, clothes, yarn... and threw in a handful of samples to possibly review, for a good measure, and a few bottles of my own creations to send off to Pat of Olfactarama who should already have got them but The Post apparently ate them. Among them was what I spontaneously renamed from Sample Number Three to Étude on white flowers, which leaked and stained the cards of the Intimately Beckham samples. Even chaos has a sense of irony.

And now it'll get short and sharp. Intimately Beckham for Him is better less awful of those two. I suspect that the mad fans won't care that it's a late spawn of Fahrenheit, inbred and demented, although the drydown gets somehow lighter and fruitier so a point for not being entirely linear. Now, the ladies version... I had a bit of expectations. Mrs. Beckham, celebrity without reason, famous for being well-dressed (whatever that may mean but I don't want to digress and rarely I won't) and underfed, coulddo better. I know, I know, the celebrities rent their names to companies and don't care but hey, they rent their names for that so they should care. So, our fashionista has a namesake perfume that's... another boring heap of synthetic flowers on patchouli. The stuff I used for cleaning my toilet was at least pure unadulterated vinegar and chlorine.

Now I need to open the windows to get some fresh air in and then I'll go sniff the freshly cleaned bathroom.

The who leaves the funniest comment will get a sample of Intimately Beckham both for Him and Her, along with my own Étude on white flowers.


  1. "Another boring heap of synthetic flowers on patchouli" sounds like a description of Mrs Beckham herself, as well as her perfume!

  2. I quite like fake flowers, if they are well done.