Sunday, 15 November 2009

Celebrity perfumes and a perfumista strikeback

It appears that every other arsehole (1) that appeared on TV need to have a fragrance with their name on the bottle. I have this mostly secondhand, I don't watch TV and I happily ignore most of the popculture until it comes and hits me on the head (2).

Not that I'd be totally against celebrity perfumes, why shouldn't Jane Famous have a perfume and after all, I'm a fan of Covet. I've not seen a single epizode of Sex in the City, for your information, and I got to know Covet two years on Arlanda airport, waiting for my flight to Helsinki and then Rovaniemi, with nothing to do, so I perused the possibilities offered by the duty-free store and I decided that I needed this one.
I also hear that the rare eponymous fragrance of Catherine Deneuve is a damn good one, and that Alain Delon or Omar Sharif didn't put their names on expensive and badly functioning toilet fresheners. But... well, the likelihood that every Jane Famous of this world is able to produce a halfway decent fragrance is small. And the world goes with the statistics.
Alas, I'm not really able to give examples of crappy celebrity perfumes with explanations why I think so - the reason is that they are not unforgettably crappy but so interesting that they fall into oblivion five minutes after being hurled into one's nose.

We collectively whined about it and being who I am, a master of terrible jokes, I proposed that every totally unknown and incelebre perfumista should blend something. For the equilibrium; and since perfumistas have an idea about scents, even if their resources are limited, the likelihood that every and each one of them comes with something more interesting than Eau de Betty Well-Known is high.

I discussed the idea of some sort of swap with Helg of Perfume Shrine and she was pretty enthused and the final decision is thus: there'll be a simple swap round. Every participant will submit their address and they'll get another one where they'll send their creation. I wouldn't oblige the recipients to write a review or comment but it would be more fun if they did (4).

To join the bunch of swappers, mail me at rosa (dot) pendulina (at) yahoo (dot) se. Helg says that I'm sane and I think you may trust her that I won't steal your private data, reprogram your radio and teach your cat Finnish so that she won't obey you.

The deadline for joining is [frantic thinking about some random date...] December 31. On New Year's day, you'll get an address where to send something - in order to give you time to actually prepare something if you don't have it at hand, and to avoid the pre-Christmas postal madness.

Have fun.

(1) I don't intend to imply that everybody who appears on the TV is an arsehole. Just some of them
(2) very unpleasant, I'm telling you.
(3) as far as I can judge (5)
(4) adding Christmas cards or chocolate to the perfume samples is absolutely permitted. I don't go with the trend of high cocoa content, those are too bitter, if I may please
(5) no I don't know what this relates to

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