Thursday, 26 November 2009


Tähti had some warts removed and now she's sick. Miserably terribly sick and I'm her evil human who leaves her alone, doesn't scratch her behind her ears and talk to her, instead I'm cleaning her puke and diarrhoea. No worries, it's the side effects of the anaesthetics (1).

I like having the cat around. I've agreed on a sort of modus vivendi - while I was abroad, I left the cat at grandparents' who claimed her their own. My mother doesn't like coming home from work only to be stopped by Cat from Hell who is all velcro and wants to tell her what she's beend doing all day long while mom wants tea and peace. I want the cat here to have her around. So, I can have her at home when I'm here. Fair enough, with extra spicy logistics.

So, I have the cat around which means going to the guest bedroom every now and then to say something soothing. Not exactly that sort of fun I expected.

(1) The carpets would argue about the 'no worries' bit.

1 comment:

  1. Cats are beautiful, cuddly, transcendant creatures whom you can worship. Just wait until she get well and she will be all pluses and no minuses. Good luck to both of you.