Saturday, 21 November 2009

Anse Turquoise

Manuel Canovas started in 1963 as a conpany producing printed fabrics and wallpapers.

In 2007, a line of scented candles and fragrances was launched and the generous lady of Beauty San, the Italian distrubutor flooded me with their samples upon hearing that I'm a perfume blogger (1). I sniffed it but somehow didn't bring myself to give it thorought attention until recently

The Canovas Fragrance website only offers information on the scented candles, explaining their inspiration thusly:

There were many inspirations that prompted Monsieur Canovas to create these elements for home: his French childhood, Indian art, refined colours, the perfection of Japanese graphic arts and geometry, nature, American folk art and his travels to the Far East.

I suppose the same may be applied to the perfumes: a pêle-mêle that may be interesting or lead to a disaster. When I read the notes for Anse Turquoise, I expected the latter because muguet and caramel sounded at least suspicious. The result was however pleasing.
At first, there is the proclaimed magnolia and muguet but soon enough, another tangy, almost adstringent note that I seem to associate with tuberose (or jasmine) and bergamot resurfaces. And, obviously, caramel. It is not strongly present but the sweet buttery something juts from under the heap of flowers, rendering them more rounded. Sometimes the scent seems to be almost buttery.
Oddly enough, the drydown gets almost metallic - I guess it's caramel and the citrus notes combined that create this effect.
The inspiration is the Goa fabric design - green canvas with orange corals and pink seashells, as well as the Port of Gustavia at St. Barth. I somehow associate holiday fragrances with myrtle and similar fresh notes, such as Hyle or Agave, this one could work rather well.

The whole fragrance line of Manuel Canovas, Les fantaisies parfumés, can be obtained from the Canovas Fragrances site and at various retailers for $95 for a 100 ml bottle of eau de parfum.
Notes for Anse Turquoise:
top notes: magnolia
middle notes: citruses, ylang-ylang, Ceylon cinnamon, muguet, tuberose
base notes: caramel, amber, Peruvian balsam, oakmoss

Picture taken from the Canovas Fragrances

(1) laugh if you wish

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