Sunday, 22 November 2009


I won't write about things already written.

I heard that it's rather a strong lilac scent. It's November and if you killed me, I'm not able to recall the smell of lilac, I suspect that there are not that many in Italy where I spent the spring. There are two lilac bushes just under the window of my flat but they totally are not in bloom.
I suspect that I should wait until May but I don't want to. Guerlinade is a thing of pure beauty although I have problems defining why. A sign that there's something interesting going on. It reminds me of rosin, the stuff used for making the pointe shoes less slippery; there was a box of the brittle clumps in the corner of the room... damn, it seems such a long time since I was in the classes.
There is something delicately resiny in Guerlinade and the close vicinity to floral notes and something powdery beneath makes it a gem. Indeed, it is multi-faceted, at one point being resiny and then floral, heavy yet subtle at a same time, and again it changes into powdery. I adore the general lack of sweetness and the staying power and...

Eh, well, I have two bottles. That says it all.

Guerlinade was a limited edition launched in 1998 and then in 2005 for the opening of the Guerlain flagship store in Paris. I'm not absolutely sure whether it is still available from the Guerlain boutique but I think not - then the only possibility how to get it would be a collector selling one off. Alas.

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