Wednesday, 11 November 2009

More than cool news

I've vaguely mentioned that my parents have a huge house and that at the time being, I live there.
What I haven't mentioned is that I sort of outgrew my old room (some 40 square metres. My whole two room apartment, known as Home II., is 55 square metres and it's a comfy one, to give you the idea, and still in a need of lots of cleaning), ran out of shelf space and since I don't have any suitable walls, I'm stashing books on the floor again. The idea that I may take over the sparsely used guest bedroom hung in the air for a while but somehow, today I asked my mother in desperation over the book piles if I may actually use it.
To my surprise, she was totally fine with it, didn't say anything like Well, sometimes when there's time, we'll discuss it. She even offered me her bedroom, that she'd take the guest bedroom. I was even promised that huge wardrobe of birch and cherry wood. It means some wall painting and carpeting - the lilac carpet is fifteen years old and looks like that and it's lilac. Now I have to decide how to sort it all out... but hey, I'll have a wardrobe, I won't need to store stuff in various boxes in the attic.

Also, after a few minor clashes regarding the cat, now living with my grandparents, the cat is allowed when I'm at home; when I'm travelling, she'll be back to grandparents. (Mental note: I need another litterbox and a few scratching boards.) Apparently, my willingness to do some cleaning when father is arguing whenever given any chance, works.

Now I'm off to a little happy dance.

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