Monday, 16 November 2009


I've become rather fed up with travelling lately. These days, things do not improve.

On Friday, I was going to see my dear friend O., got my bus ticket a few days ahead, knowing that there could be pretty much traffic on Friday afternoon. After a lovely perfumista meeting, I rushed to the bus station, gave the ticket number to the steward, he couldn't find me in the list neither by name, nor by codes so they called the Centre and found out that I did indeed buy a ticket for the same line, same time, same date... opposite direction.
Yesterday, on my way back, I went on autopilot; Platform 4, to the right, upstairs, to the left, where the trains in my directions always are. I settled in the compartment, started reading a trashy novel I snatched at O.'s, noticed that the train is going in the opposite direction but the tracks of Prague are one huge Gordian knot with some reconstructions going on and in my case, it was possible to get on the right track both by going ahead or back. After a while I noticed that it the train was going totally elsewhere and when I pondered how could I get home at midnight, it stopped on a suburban station. Well, I hopped off, took the metro (a person I used to know lived in the general area so I at least knew where I was. It could be worse), got back to the central station (I wonder whether it's still named the Woodrow Wilson station? I think not, it would sound too creative to the administrators...), took the next train and at least that worked fine.

Still, it seems that Buddha, Elvis and Jesus are telling me to sit at home. Not gonna happen, alas.

Meantime, I'm corresponding with the railway e-shop, their System ated my tickets due to lack of idiot-proofing. Now, I need to persuade them to give me my money back.

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