Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What do people have for brains?

I moved back to my apartment. My friend I. rented it to students and it happened that nobody checked it after the last batch, and apparently, in general, nobody checked thoroughly. I discovered a hole in the door - eye-high, not after a kick - masked by a postcard (by linguistic analysis of the unfinished message, it was the French guys who were here around a year ago and I'll go after their heads) and two soup bowls missing. 19 euros apiece, from an artisan in Regensburg. The contract people were to sign was that things will be replaced piece per piece. They apparently got it wrong and replaced my wonderful soup bowls by that cheap crap from Tesco that will go in the trash tomorrow.
In trash ended a larger amount of trash (I wonder, do normal people keep soda bottles and potato chip bags under their beds?), bed linen that dirty that I didn't want it in the house, various objects that were left behind. The pack of filters did not go to the trash, I intend to investigate what the hell the people smoked in MY place, which is by all definitons a non-smoking place.
I also found some interesting (1) gunk in the drawers - apparently the kitchen drawers got so gunky that people gradually moved everything out in the space, thus the crammed countertop. I ventured into some of the cupboards, threw away umpteen kilos of various flours (they tend to go bad and/or get inhabitants).
I found a shoebox with holes in the lid. The pleasant surprise was that it didn't conceal a dead hamster but a brand new checkered kitchen towel - fair enough.
There's a student of medical school. She readily moved from my room to the other one, helped me with the cleaning and when I told her that I wasn't here for a year, she went Eh? and said that she thought I was gone for a month or so and that I was that pig. Apparently, my cleaning cum cursing enthusiasm rather surprised her, too. No wonder, given the initial premise.

To add insult to injury, just today, there's the meeting of the housing co-op. I'll get in the gossips again and I'll be asked studip questions.

Due to shortage of chlorine-based disinfectant (2) I ventured to Tesco and got two bottles of wine. Today's evening will be devoted to solitary alcoholism. More gunk fights tomorrow.

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